About MUSIFIED Projects

The mission of MUSIFIED Projects is to bring the various projects of talented musicians (writers, photographers and artists) to a broader audience.

MUSIFIED Projects represents talented artists who, while they don’t avoid popularity and success, create their art pushing the envelope somewhat "under the radar" of mainstream culture and tastes.

MUSIFIED helps to bring these talents - their music and art - to local and national mainstream attention.

Each MUSIFIED artist has a different vision for themselves and their career.

What these artists have in common is the drive to support themselves from their art.

MUSIFIED represents artists who have demonstrated commitment to their career and understand that they are responsible for their success. We work with artists who are producing quality product and have outstanding performance "chops."

We work closely with our artists - developing and advising them through their personal process - toward acomplishing their various goals. For some it’s a major label, subsidiary or indie deal; for others it’s a distribution deal, touring schedule or theatrical placement; we assist our artists with the aspects of career building, show bookings, performance schedules and venue selection, publicity, marketing and promotion, building an audience, and showcasing.

MUSIFIED Projects - Artists who inspire.
__________________________________________________________________________ DAVID K

David K founded MUSIFIED Projects to empower artists to accomplish their goals and earn their living through their art.

David's professional background is diverse. He is a well-versed artist - beauty & style expert, singer/songwriter, producer, performer, concert promoter, business owner, public speaker, and published author.

David K is also a trained consultant. For more than thirty years, he has coached thousands of people (from many walks of life, with a multitude of pesonal interests) toward achieving their goals and fulfiling their dreams.

MUSIFIED develops and guides artists in such a way that they are empowered to accomplish their goals. You will "get out of your own way" - rather than continue to "shoot yourself in the foot" - as creative types are known to do from time to time.

As Managing Editor of CLOSER - a music, art, fashion, nightlife magazine - David K interviews celebrities for his monthly column SPY ON THE WALL.


email: musified@musified.com

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